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A life-saving operation made possible with 3D printing...

A young mother in need of an urgent kidney transplant to save her life, a father willing to donate. The story could end there. Except that the kidney due to be transplanted had a tumour. That, along with the recipient's severe health complications, meant that her only hope was a waiting game via a cadaver donor. She was in real danger of dying within months. 

In this session you’ll hear first hand from the surgeon and the team at axial3D how this world first, life saving operation was made possible through technology. We’ll also hear the very ambitious plans the company has, to use machine learning to complete labour intensive and complex tasks to create functional 3D models from 2D scans, eliminating costly human intervention. This allows surgeons to do what they do best, treat patients.

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Press Release: SXSW 2019: Meet the surgeon who used 3D printing to complete a world-first, life-saving operation

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